Deserted bird table


I recently put up a bird table in my front garden which is next to a road that can be fairly busy during school times. It has a roof with an in-built nut feeder. I filled the nut feeder with peanuts and I have scattered suet and seeds on the table but the only birds I have seen are sparrows and a very cheeky pigeon that steals all the food from the open sided table and stands on the top of the roof of the table making a mess!!! Initially, the table was at the end of the garden fairly close to the road but it was under a tall and mature apple tree. Now, I have moved it away from the road and closer to the house but it is now more in the open. I have attached a photo of the setup. In my back garden, I have had loads of birds visiting the feeders from long tailed tits to greater spotted woodpeckers to blackcaps etc... Why are they not venturing to the bird table???

  • I have always found that birds take quite some time to get used to new feeder position & would sooner have shelter of nearby trees/bushes!


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  • Like Wendy has said below it can take several weeks or longer for birds to get used to something new or a change, it happens when I change my well established feeders for a new one. They take a while to feel comfortable using it, giving it a good look over before they make their move.

    i'd be tempted to move it sort of halfway between where you have placed it. The couple of feet/meters closer to the tree may make a difference.

    Hope you get some visitors soon!
  • It looks like an urban area so food may be short even at this time of year. However, there will be a finite number of birds looking for food. GSW's for example are territorial. You will not see a flock of them....

    I get nuthatches here. Far less so this time of year. There are urban ones about, but they too will be capable of finding food without resorting to nuts, which really are best suited to Winter feeding. Ditto suet.
  • Thank you Robbo and Fulgrim,

    I will move the bird table and see if it makes any difference.