We Demand.......a Shrubbery!

  • Mrs. Dave CH subscribes to two German-language periodicals, Ornis and BioTerra.

    We've discussed their lists of bird- and biodiversity-friendly plants and she'll endeavour to collate them over the next week.

    I'll post results (latin only names) on a separate thread (with some kind of obvious title).

    All the best -
  • Yep. As everyone has said, the Rowan or mountain ash is a member of the deciduous Sorbus family and the holly is an Ilex, an evergreen. This also has berries but takes forever to grow. The Rowan has a third use with wonderful autumn colours.
  • How about a two level effect with a little path running down the middle...?

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


  • Hi all,

    thanks for all your replies and suggestions. I think Rowan is going to be a bit big for the space I have along with any trees / tree like shrubs.

    Dave - i'd be interested to read that when ever you have a chance to post that.

    i'm putting together a short list but have a bit more research to do.

    currently have added Cornus to the list as its a native one.

    so many choices! maybe i'm over thinking it and anything that is fruit and flower bearing and provides cover is better than what i have now.
  • I'm afraid there are all sorts of cornus to review and pick from. Some will be better wildlife options than others. What size of area are you looking at working with?
  • Afternoon Robbo.

    The area is in a bed that is around 2.5m square up against a fence. can either be in full sun or light shade as i have the option of both.

    Cornus sanguinea is the one ive read is a good option but open to any suggestions.
  • A decent option. That's about 8ft x 8ft though you're working with? I think we've all been assuming a bit more space. Definitely down to your personal preference. You might find cotoneaster eating up most of that space given time. Easy enough to prune though.
  • Maybe slightly less that 8ft. Unfortunately have a small garden at the moment but looking to maximise the use of space and what I can off the surrounding wildlife.

    I think what ever I put in will devour the space given time, trying to find something that is the most helpful and can be kept under control in a small space.

    maybe a Cotoneaster is a better way to go?

    any thoughts on a Guelder rose as an option?
  • I think what you do with the space depends very much on what you want from it. Attracting wildlife, but how much into gardening are you? If you are interested in both, personally, I'd go with something more like a wild patch. You could keep it evolving so it provides longer periods of interest. Shrubs do have the options of cover, flowers for insects and berries, but there are periods where nothing is happening. e.g. cotoneaster had been covered in bees in May. No interest at all now until mid to late Winter, apart from providing cover.
  • I'm into both so happy to put in what ever effort is needed on the plant front.

    Definitely looking for it to provide cover as well as any other benefits. Garden would be a bit sparse on the cover and security side without a shrub or 2. I have lots of perennials, annuals and bulbs in for invertebrates and bees.

    Thought a shrub would provide a good 'anchor' for the garden and surrounding plantings.

    Winter interest was one of my thoughts as most other things will be dormant by that point.