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I currently feed the birds, but as soon as I put food out the starlings, wood pigeons and wild pigeons eat everything in sight leaving nothing for the small birds. 

I've been thinking about trying to come up with some kind of feeder that only the small birds such as sparrows, blue tits etc can get to. 

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can make a starling/ pigeon proof feeder? I thought about turning a hanging basket frame upside down, but I imagine the starlings will still fit through the bars.

If anyone has managed to make something could you please share photos? Or can you recommend a feeder? 

I still intend to put food out for the starlings, but I want to give the little birds a chance.

Thank you 

  • Try having a look in the Shop section. I have no experience of them so can't make recommendations.


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  • Hi Shelley welcome to the community.
    The link Nigel has given you will have the feeders you want but if you google Guardian feeders you will find most places that sell bird food will have some.

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  • Hi Shelley, are you using any kind of feeder at the minute or just putting food out on the ground? The standard tubular type seed feeders will certainly stop the pigeons getting at the seed, and starlings just don't seem to like them. Finches and tits much prefer these type of feeders, they generally avoid feeding on the ground as it makes them vulnerable to predators.
  • Hi, thanks for the replies. I have a few tubular feeders, and I scatter food on the ground and in pots. The wood pigeon has worked out how to get the food from the tubular feeders by siting on the seed tray! I will certainly take a look in the link provided.
  • Hi, i had the same problem! Unfortunately the big birds (crows, wood pigeons, magpies, rooks and jackdaws) all used to swoop in and steal the dried mealworms from the feeders. I have tried a few things and the best seems to be the feeders designed to keep out bigger birds.
    I have bought a ‘i love robins’ pearl feeder from amazon. It has an adjustable top so you can lower it to stop bigger birds getting to it but keep it wide enough for small birds, ideal to keep dried mealworms safe from big birds.
    For fine seed i bought a Peckish small birds feeder, this attracts the blue tits. (www.amazon.co.uk/.../
    Hope this helps somehow