Darkening windows

The tree just outside our large dining room window is full of birds on our feeders... except when we are anywhere near the window! The birds see us and fly away!

My wife's health conditions require darkened windows anyway. 

I want to have film put on the inside of our window but many are reflective. I'm afraid that our birds may see the reflection of the feeders in the window, and injure themselves by flying against the window. 

Any advice on what sort of film I should get put on? Anything I should avoid?

  • Hello Peter, just yesterday someone was asking about something to put on or cover the windows, as the birds in that case were flying into the windows quite a lot. You can purchase different types of things to go on the window, stickers that cling on or window cover or cling. I will attach a link to Amazon for you to have a look at.



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  • Morning Peter,
    Here, we've also had a lot of success with (i) placing branches on window ledges facing up, and (ii) hanging stuff in front of the window hanging down. So, we place planters on the window ledge, fill them with floristry foam (the dry variety), stick branches in them, and covers the visible foam with moss (just for the aesthetics). And as we have metal roll-down blinds, we hang pine and fir cones from them. At the moment we have prayer flags on them too, which have the added advantage of making the neighbours think we're nice people.
    There might be something about the proximity of solid objects to the glass (not on it but in front of it) that tells birds that something isn't right, much as animals in general (people included) have---I've been told---a built-in ability to identify other animals based on seeing two points that move but remain approximately equidistant from one another (so, eyes).
    Anyhow, the above has cut down our collisions quite significantly.
    Nice to see someone trying to think ahead on subjects like this. Good luck.

    All the best -
  • Many thanks for these suggestions, guys. Unfortunately I haven't made myself clear. My three aims are...
    - to be able to watch (and photograph) the birds from close to the window, without them being frightened
    - to reduce the amount of light coming into the room
    - to ensure that the film is not reflective
    Any insights greatly appreciated.
  • Hello again Peter.
    I can't advise on the film question, but the branch and hangers approach has been very successful for us on huge and highly reflective south-facing windows on which, previously, we had a very high number of collisions, particularly in spring and autumn.
    It also doesn't interfere with photography. In one of our bedrooms, we've put up around seven or so wispy branches along the ledge of a window that's made up of a good 70 sq foot of glass. The presence of a relatively small amount of standing or hanging matter (not suggesting you put a shrub up there) has been a success for us (and the birds).
    Hopefully though, other posters will be able to propose something that suits your specific needs more closely.

    All the best -
  • To meet all your criteria, I'd have thought vertical blinds was the best option.