New feeder, still no garden birds!

  • I've had a similar issue. I previously had a ready filled seed feeder from a local store which I replaced with a brand new multi perch feeder and mixed mix and hasn't had a bite since. The new feeder is in the same place. Is it likely to be the feed or the feeder?
  • Hi Kelly, it's most likely the feed. I found a seed mix was by far the least favoured, to the point where if there was nothing else available birds would still rarely take it. Same with Niger seeds, even Goldfinches totally ignored it. I've now used Sunflower Hearts for many years and the tits and finches flock to it. I also have a peanut feeder and although tits occasionally use this, they much prefer the Sunflower seeds.
  • In reply to Mr. B:

    Thanks. This new mix includes things like mealworms and seeds and stuff but they seemed to prefer the old stuff. I wasn't in a position to get the same so ordered some online. I'll try something else. Thank you!