Recommendation for wildlife-friendly climber for south-facing fence

Hi, I’m looking for a climbing plant that is insect-friendly, ideally late-ish summer flowering, that I can grow up trellising (if required) on a south facing fence. Soil is clay but with plenty of compost added. Should grow to 6ft plus and ideally be stiff enough that it can grow a bit over the top of the fence and provide a bit of screening. It shouldn’t be too bushy as the flower bed isn’t too deep at that point. I’ve already got a few climbing roses but I don’t think they’re particularly insect-friendly? I was thinking of honeysuckle but any other ideas?

  • Hi Bananaracer welcome to the community.
    My first thought was Honeysuckle too but here's a few more Passion flower,Ivy,Star jasmine,Wisteria,Clematis.

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  • Winter jasmine will be fast growing, and have lovely smelling flowers. keep it well trimmed, to avoid it growing leggy. Saw this on google may help.


  • I also thought of Clematis, or Budlea, the butterfly's and bees love these.

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  • All of the suggestions are good & I would echo CLs comments about Buddleia attracting insects, however it is described as invasive and can very quickly get out of control. We have one on a south facing wall which grows at an alarming rate. The plus side is that it seems very robust & thrives even under the care of a terrible gardener like me. Ian