Hi i'm a newbie but starlings have been roosting in a park near me, right in the centre of barry.  I've loved watching their murmarations.  I see them at my garden feeder and would like to encourage them to come back next year. any tips on what I can do to encourage them back, what do they like to eat etc?

  • Starlings particularly like raw bird pastry (2 parts flour / 1 part lard) - probably the cheapest form of bird food available.

    They also like dried mealworms and currents / raisins / sultanas - best served in a suspended dish with a cover so that they are not taken by pigeons.
  • When it comes to feeding Starlings they are like Locusts if you get a lot of them.
    I can get over 100 in the garden and they would clear any food in a matter of minutes, so it is best to go for the cheapest, which I think is the homemade pastry like Mark has mentioned.
    You can make it just out of Supermarket lard and plain flour or you can add things like ground up peanuts, sunflower hearts etc.

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  • Starlings are fun to watch but they are like locusts. Not only do the eat everything in sight but their presence discourages smaller birds. Most of my feeders are now starling proof so there is still some food left for the others.