Feedings birds away from gardens in public spaces

A plea really

While important to keep birds fed please be careful when feeding certain foods - if feeding grapes or raisins then please put up on high not on river banks or other areas where people walk their dogs (or may be add something else instead that won't poison other animals)

I had to get emergency vet assistance for 2 of my dogs last weekend when someone put seed out on a pebble beach next to river where I walk my dogs and 2 ate the grapes. They were miserable after a dash home and having to make them sick - thankfully they were or it would have meant being kenneled at out of hours vets till they were well again.

Have also noticed some put lots of seed on park or nature reserve benches where it goes mouldy too so can't imagine how its not food for birds either.

  • Hi Penny welcome to the community.

    You are quite right to highlight the problems Dogs have with Grapes and Raisins it's a pity it isn't more widely advertised.

    I also agree with you about the amount of food people leave out as you say it can go moldy and can make the birds ill, it will also attract Rats.

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