I have a young pheasant in my urban garden. How high and what distance can a pheasant fly? Do I need to do anything as slightly worried about cats etc.

Do I need to do anything as I have a young pheasant in my small urban garden? How high and how far can pheasants fly? 

  • Hi Diana

    They are very good fliers I see them on my patch flying quite high and for good distances, they will also roost high up in trees.

    How far are you from fields/woods?

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Not far - about 3 mins walk. So good to hear they can fly well as my garden is surrounded by cat owners! At the moment it is trying to get through my hedge but can’t as I have fine netting to keep my dog in. Anyway on the other side of the hedge are where  2 large cats live! The pheasant is so beautiful. 

  • They generally say to leave wildlife alone unless they are sick as trying to catch they can lead to them getting stressed, with Pheasants you could always try putting some food out and try to gain its confidence, you can get them to feed from your hand.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Yes I rang my vets and they also said to leave alone unless it is injured. Here’s a picture. No doubt you can tell I am rather excited having a pheasant in my garden in a housing estate! 

  • In reply to Diana Mackintosh:

    It is always good to see something different in the garden, if you want to feed it just cheap bird food or corn will do.

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  • Hello Diana, I too have pheasants in the garden. I live in the country and when we moved, the first time I had one I was so excited, as it is not something you expect to see. At one point we had around 12! My premium bird seed was disapearing at an alarming rate, so now feed ordinary corn, it is only around £8 for a 20/25 kg bag. They love it and it lasts a wee while. Now I have a couple of rather overweight looking pigeons as well as the collard doves taking the corn. One male Percy, became so tame, he came into the garage when I was getting seed and would eat from my hand. They will fly high and roost in the trees. I have a cat and to be honest she is not bothered by them. She is a wee tabby and I think she knows they are too big for her, but bigger cats may well want to have a go. I will post a few photos. It is always exciting to get the birds, no matter what size they are.

    Welcome from me up in the very far north of Scotland, in Caithness.

    This was when one family starting visiting and they had 8 babies with them! 

    I do have photos of the cat sitting on the bunker looking down at Percy, as if to say, you are back then! I have downloaded those onto the laptop and deleated them form my ipad, so can't attach any.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to Catlady:

    How lucky you are to live in the country and see so much wildlife! Fabulous photos.  The pheasant left my garden yesterday lunchtime and ‘hopped’ over my fence into my neighbour’s garden. I wished him well and felt a little bereft. But this morning he’s back - so wonderful! 

  • A couple of suumers ago we had a daily visit from a pheasant (we called him Phil), he had a limp so of course I felt sorry for him and provided food each day, just regular seed, sunflower seeds and some left over mealworms. This went on for a couple of months then he dissapeared. When I spoke to other villagers it seems Phil was a regular in most gardens and was fed in each the whole summer! No wonder he had a limp, he was probably overweight.

    We have regular families of Red Legged Pheasants visit also. One family would feed within a couple of feet of us as we sat on the patio.