Worried about laburnum

Hello A week ago I sited a bird bath close to a laburnum tree and the odd seed pod or leaf has fallen into it. Concerned about the poisonous nature of laburnum seeds I have been fishing them out daily and have cut back one over-hanging branch. The bird bath is small and so not much water in it so anything leaching into it might be quite concentrated. My question is, can a seed pod or leaf leach poison into the water? I've only seen one female house sparrow use it so far - it's in the front garden so in a busy location - and it gave me such pleasure to watch her tentatively drink and bathe, but now I feel guilty that I may have set up a death trap. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you.
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    Hi JansBirds

    Sorry no-one got back to you, at this time of the year a lot people are on holiday and your query is a specific one that a lot probably wouldn't know the answer to.

    You may be better emailing someone like the RHS that knows about plants https://www.rhs.org.uk/.

    Having a bird bath and water in the garden I've always kept them away from leaves etc falling in to them.

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    Thanks, Alan.

    I did thoroughly check Google and read the piece you've kindly provided a link to, amongst others, but couldn't get a definitive answer. Have already contacted the RSPB direct and am awaiting a response. I may well try the RHS if they can't help, thanks.

    Since cutting the offending branch back and stripping the seed pods from further up the tree on that side I've had no further problems with bits falling into the bird bath and the sparrows are using it a lot and enjoying it. If there was a problem with the water, I think I'd have seen evidence by now.

    It was placed near the tree because the aesthetics of garden design demanded it go there! I would certainly move it, though, if it was going to harm the birds, but I am increasingly confident that it won't, now.

    A definitive answer would be useful, though.

    Thanks again.