Morning Madness

  • What an amazing sight, at least they aerate the lawn at the same time. So many corvids & starlings and so few squabbles. Definitely has a Hitchcock feel.


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    Loved it!  Considering the sheer number of birds, I thought they were quite well behaved.  The seagulls are HUGE and are definately the dysons of the bird world.  No wonder the spadgers kept to the edge of the lawn.  I love the sound of the Jackdaws, it sounds like they are laughing.

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    Thanks folks

    Marina: The Gulls only come down if there are large food items on offer to make it worth their while (broken up slices of soaked brown bread in this case).

    Tony: Squabbles often do break out but normally not between different species. It may come as a bit of a shock to you but the Starlings are the worst for fighting among themselves.!! :-)

    Crow Lady: The Lesser Black-backed Gulls are huge, especially when seen at such close quarters. We’ve also been getting the occasional Common Gull, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

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    Hi Paul, starling squabbles are not unknown, we can get up 20 in the garden, with ground food it's all relatively friendly. But when I fill the feeder trays then the squabbling starts, especially when 3/4 juvs land and get in each other's way, it surprises me at times that juv starlings see off their adults and they always chase off the blackies.


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    Yes, bless them, the younger they are the feistier they are too. So funny to watch.

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