Why have my garden birds disappeared?

Hi, So a lot of my birds seem to have disappeared. I know they moult their feathers in August but it's October on Thursday. Surely they should be feeding for the winter now? We still get a lot of tits and finches in the tree but the other common birds such as Blackbirds, Starlings and Sparrows have disappeared. We had a problem with feral pigeons so is it possible that we have scared the other birds while trying to scare the pigeons? Or perhaps it could be the neighbours who I posted about previously about having problems with them putting spikes on their fence etc? (We now have a new fence up with no gaps to give myself and the birds some privacy). I'm just worried that the birds no longer want to feed in our garden?
  • Not good news for you just now Emily but am sure they will be back when the colder weather starts to bite ... having a great extension of summer weather here just now, are you?  So there will be plenty of natural food still available for all!  

    I have no BB's at present, waiting for migratory species to arrive to swell the numbers, plenty of Pyracantha berries to tempt them!  Also only a couple of Starlings just now, they are massing for migration & never know how many there might be when all settled down!  Am always lucky with my Spadgers though, such a natural colony of them here in the quarry all around my garden!

    Birds also take a while to get used to changes in feeders & feeding areas so they may just be sussing out if it's ok to trust new fence!

    Keep us updated & some pics please when they return!


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    Hi Emily I would agree with Wendy that the normal summer holidays have been extended because of the abundance of natural food. My cherry tree is still loaded with fruit, now decaying, and in 25 years that's the first time it's ever happened! They usually disappear en masse within 24 hours of ripening, and all I get out of them is loads of purple bird poo on my paths!

    Funnily enough though, I was only saying on Saturday to my brother that I hadnt seen a blackbird, sparrow or dunnock in my garden for months. Then lo and behold, on Sunday a blackbird appeared and yesterday it was business as usual. Its almost as if they all get together at the end of breeding season and set a date in their diaries to come back lol.

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    Just to add to the above, this morning my garden is alive with birds and I've just seen a Nuthatch, a first taking me to 26 species on my garden list.

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    Took this vid footage yesterday in my garden, very busy on feeder I'm pleased to say & the Starlings seem to be returning although I do not get as many in the last couple of years as when I first started feeding the birds in the Winter of 2009!