About Wildlife Recording and sending to local recorders

 Apart from dealing with something important in the house recently  I have been very busy today. But I been more busy than normal. thats why I havnt commented or posted much today. Anyway   I send things off to my local recorder or bird track or others that need them sometimes  But For birds I also send things off to my Bird County Recorder sometimes. and until today I didn’t know the names of the other recorders. But as well as the bird county recorder I send things off to Gloucester Birder. If it’s birds he passes it on to Richard Beatsen my Gloucestershire county recorder but when I asked who or where else I should send my observation of the White Cushion insect to he gave me the names of all the County Recorders and I figured this might be helpful for other people here too.

 In case anyone is curious what a white cushion scale insect is or never seen one before This is what it looks like 


and this is the link to all the county Recorders in case you find it helpful 


I copyed amd pasted thd the email addresses and numbers into my contacts for if and when I need them. 

You press down on the email address or number and you will get an option weather you want to email, phone add to contact

or copy the numbers or email addresses. Of course you can also just write them down but I hope this is helpful