Robin - reuse of nest box after robbing

We put an open-fronted nest box in a fairly dense holly bush and were pleased to see the robins build a nest and later going to and fro very  frequently for a few days. presumably feeding their chicks. Then the activity ceased and we found the nest empty,  presumably having been robbed by one of the magpies we see frequently.  Is this nest at all likely to be re-used or should we remove the nest from the box and move the box to a different place ( I am thinking of  still putting it in  a bush but with a lattice protection with holes too small for a magpie but plenty big enough for a robin). 

PS  On the other side of the house blue tits have taken over a box designed for them and are still very busy feeding the chicks, so we have ,so far, 50% success (last year there was we understand a general problem with blue tits of lack of enough food for the young and we removed 4 small corpses and the nest in the sutumn).

  • Hi Peter, sorry to read about the robins nest. The nest will not be used again but you should leave it for now and remove it in the back end when you are allowed to clean out boxes and remove old nests. Sad as it is, this is nature, we have to endure the good with thd bad.

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