.  Just out of curiosity. One day the Woodpigeon nested on a tree out my window  But the eggs disappeared. The Woodpigeon sometimes does this clap clap and dive. So I have filmed it. I have filmed the clap clap and dive this isn’t one of his best ones but still quiet good. Do you think this means hes showing off to a mate and might be mateing? 

  • Hi Zo,   I think the wing clapping is part of their territorial flight display.  You can read about it   HERE


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    Thanks. I observe the woodpigeons behaviour very often since I like to attract the Woodpigeon and not just the small birds. Originally he only liked seeds and would never eat suet at all. Recently I put out berry pellets which the Woodpigeon has taken a likening to. This means Iv had to put some in a separate bowl aswell so the Woodpigeon doesnt worry about smaller birds or magpies going near him or he will chase them off. I have a pair of mated wood pigeons which I find exstremely interesting when they show there behaviours. I have seen almost all the behaviours it says and not just the clap clap and dive. When he nested last year when he was in the nest I heard his call he does when nesting. Numerous times Iv observed him affectionate wrapping his head round the other pigeons neck and look like there kissing or something.  and seen him chase the pigeon around the garden  but not chase it away almost like hes teaseimg the pigeon aswell And shares the same bowl with the pigeon only chaseing other birds or pigeons away that go near him. I tend to see the Woodpigeon do the clap clap and dive even more on warmer sunny days or in the summer than in colder weather or in the Autumn and Winter. I enjoy watching there clap clap and dive and find some wood pigeons are much better than others at it

  • It is a common thing with wood pigeons, and often seems to be territorial. The link below takes you to the sound of wood pigeons slapping their wings.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

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    Thanks. I hear there wings clapping a lot when they are in the mood to there dives. I normaly see or hear them do it over and over again but some only do it once or a few times. I tend to hear there wings whistling when they fly sometimes aswell. They can be very entertaining to watch when there’s another pigeon or bird involved. they actualy make me laugh sometimes. Iv had lots of occasions where when a bird shows up or decides to be cheeky or makes a unexpected visit the Woodpigeon will look at the bird like what in the world are you doing here and look confused sometimes. And just stands there and stares at it before carrying on with what he’s doing. I had one Woodpigeon that absolutely loved bird baths more than the others and if I havnt topped the bird bath up he will come back wet. It was as if he’s used another bath as an alternative cause he couldnt use it. If I been topping it up he comes to the garden dry. And he ignored the food and the other Woodpigeons even if Woodpigeons were walking around or were eating and then used the Bird bath instead every time. Cause some birds have there own personalitys some can be quiet Quirky even Woodpigeons. And  When there mateing there even funnier sometimes like one might try and bond more  by standing tall and try and preen the other pigeon but the other pigeon ignores him and then he try’s to get her attention by chasing her and then the other finally responds and they bond more doing bows and kissing Then another bird will come and he  will show he means buisness and chase him a very long way further than normal and leave the female standing there and return still chaseing the intruder in a circle and finally land in the garden chaseing the intruder around trying to peck him over and over then the intruder gives up at leaves and the Woodpigeon goes back to the mate and then she looks at him funny and then he looks like he’s saying what? Most of the other pigeons arnt as quirky as those two except the bird bath Woodpigeon 

  • Wood pigeon Wing clapping with dives began here in the last week, during a warm spell (up to 5 Celsius) with clear skies.

    Great tits have started (this morning) their credit-card-slip-print-out calls, which I've always associated with spring (I've not heard them outside the season immediately preceding breeding).

    The birds know it's (nearly) spring, or so it seems.

    A number of years ago, an acquaintance of mine, a vigneron, coined (in French) the verb "to pigeon" to describe young human couples' behaviour. As in, "They walked past here on Saturday, pigeoning".

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    Thats interesting. Even though I see it very often during the year they seem to do it less in the Autumn and evenutualy and eventualy stop doing it completely normaly I see them doing the dives in the spring and then do it even more and see more Woodpigeons doing it. I dont usualy see them
    Do the clap clap and dive in January but I saw them start doing it was during the week the week before last week so would of been the week that started 10th of January. I had been trying to take a picture or film them dive and managed to do it last week.
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    Wrong film Zo?

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    Sorry I meant I first started seeing them dive the week before 26th January this year I had been trying to get them diveing ever since I first started seeing them do the dives that week. The film I done at the top is the first film I managed to get of one of them diveing so far this year. I normaly see them start to dive in spring and dive more in summer then do it less in Autumn and then stop completely until Spring. but for some reason they started the week of the 10th of January. I can’t remember the exact date yet. But it was that week. I found out that it’s been a warmer winter than normal and daffodils have already started comeimg out when they normaly come out in February and March. 2 trees in Hucclecote Gloucestershire that have fruit that drop off every Autumn and Winter have still got there flowers which is very unusual. And I first heard the great tit call between end of December and the beginning of this month. Iv managed to record lots of great tit calls and have done the squeaky toy one aswell as some other ones aswell. Underweight Hedgehogs did better last year than normal survival wise cause its a warmer winter than normal. Maybe the Woodpigeon is also reacting to the warmer temperatures
  • Sorry Zo; must be my old eyes. Didn't look like a pigeon to me...

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    its is a Woodpigeon but it might be cause the camara doesnt pick up on the plummage and everything when he flys past. But the plummage and colour wasnt the aim of the video its more the action the Woodpigeon was doing I tryed to get on camara more cause it’s easy to miss the dive when you try to film him but you can still see him do the dive before he flys past.