Eurasian Jay Visit

Just had my first Eurasian Jay visit the garden who after a rummage in the soil, got into a bit of an altercation with our feisty regular Robin. We feed all our regular visitors including squirrels and weasels on peanuts, mealworms and fat balls. Is there anything specific feed I could use to encourage the Jay(s) to come again?

  • This time of year, it is safe to put out loose whole peanuts which jays will take. They also eat apples. Acorn crop is low this year apparently. Certainly seeing and hearing jays about a lot here. Obviously, by attracting lots of predators, they may become an issue for robins and others if still around in the Spring.

  • They loove acorns! I’m spending the winter in a place where there are lots of them and acorns is number one thing during winter time. They also do ok with walnuts and peanuts in the feeders:)