Are Nuthatches native to the UK?

Sorry for the newbie question - I think I've just spotted a Nuthatch outside my house window (location Farnham, Surrey). A very distinctive grey / blue back with a lovely black eye stripe with white markings around the side of the face. It had the small size, robust build of a Nuthatch and the colour was distinctive.

Are Nuthatches native to the UK - as I don't recall ever seeing one before?- (surprised Newbie - on Wikipedia they appear to be Eurasian in origin?

  • dancer123 said:
    Are Nuthatches native to the UK

    Absolutely they are. Quite a common bird in decidous woodlands but do come to feeders in gardens as well. In this context Eurasian simply means that their range extends across Europe and Asia.

    There are other species of Nuthatch in Europe but they tend to be quite localised and the Eurasian species is the only one we get in the UK.



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  • Yep, very definitely native to the UK, and often inquisitive little birds as well.

    May I also extend a warm welcome to you, you'll find a host of helpful folk here, and lots of sightings and news shared.


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  • Welcome to the Community, dancer.

    Wishing you many a Nuthatch -