Unidentified Small Grey and White Duck: Verulamium Pack

In the afternoon of Saturday 25/09/2021 I saw a small grey and white duck (pictures at the bottom of this question post). It was small, about the size of a Little Grebe. I have a copy of RSPB What's that Bird?: The Simplest ID Guide Ever but cannot identify the duck I saw from any of the ducks therein, male or female. Perhaps it is a juvenile of one of those ducks?

Does anyone know? Any thoughts gratefully received.

From The Side

  • Looking at the small image my first thought was either wood duck or a female mandarin.

    But the zoomed in picture says to me that it possibly has a mallard lineage, and thus is colour mutation of one of the various domestic versions of the mallard.
  • I reckon it is a ringed teal, but I am not very good with non-UK species.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Escapee from someone's (private) collection is always a possible if it doesn't match up, Once had a peahen that lived in my garden for over a year. Never found out where it came from.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    I've now discovered that ring-necked teal are popular in aviculture and is one of the more common wildfowl in captivity. And come in colour mutations.

    In no good with many non-native species.