Protecting Buzzards.

Hello, I'll try to be brief.

My local golf course closed its doors 5 years ago. Since then the area has been allowed to rewild. Giving off all manor of colourful natural wild flowers. And in return, attracting wildlife. The area lies next to huge ancient woodland.

Most notably some huge birds of prey appeared this year. I've done some research and think they are Buzzards.

They are magnificent and have a distinctive call.

Anyway, my point. The council is now considering plans to turn the golf course into a bike park.

Is there anything that can be done to protect the birds and stop them moving on. As I fear once the diggers move In and they start the planned felling of trees, these birds will perish.


  • First thing to remember is that these birds are protected by law no matter what development takes place.. There may be protection orders on some of the trees which may prevent them being felled. There is a good chance the birds will move on during construction work but that does not mean they will perish. We have have a small bike park locally and the mature trees are still standing and both Common Buzzard and Red Kite still breed close by. It may be worth contacting your local conservation group or bird club to check on their views about the development.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Great input, thanks

    My concern is, that once the trees get felled and the area is flooded with people, they will disappear.

    That would be a great shame as they are wonderful to see.

    I'll look up a local bird group and see what they think.

    Thanks again.