Blackbird??? Is this bird moulting or has it got some kind of disease? Your opinion would be much appreciated. Photo taken in East Leake near Loughborough.

  • Hi Eleanor, I would say Female Blackbird, it looks quite clean about the face and head, so I would say no disease, mites or ticks. Probably getting it's new feathers, after all the business of looking after young ones. Then again on looking at it, maybe it is a male (all black) and the feathers are missing from around the head, neck, chest and part wing, due to mites etc. Let's wait and see what others say.

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  • Hi Eleanor, as Catlady says, it's a blackbird going through the moulting process; the head feathers are normally the last to be replaced hence it looks a bit more bald in that area. I'm certainly no expert (and don't quote me on it !! ) but best guess is that this would be an juvenile or immature male... showing the darker plumage of a male and the dark bill with no yellow eye-ring yet .


    Regards, Hazel 

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