Is there anything I can do to save a poisoned field mouse?

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    Wendy S said:
    Barn Owls are really picking up in our bit of the Yorkshire Dales

    That's good news Pete. And glad to hear that the numbers are rising. We have it on reasonable authority that not having Buzzards around is a help for Barn Owls; less competition for main prey species. 

    Friends of ours live on an (unworked, following a fall which left the gentleman disabled) farm. I was at their place around three weeks ago with BirdLife Switzerland, checking up on a clutch of **five**; the parents took over the barn wall-mounted Kestrel box. 

    As a bonus (for us, not for the Kestrels), the falcons had (long ago, so long nonviable) deposited one egg directly on the top of the box inside the barn. Perhaps as a protest. But anyway, a very beautiful souvenir.

    Fabulous birds Barn Owls (but no idea how they get those feet out of an egg, and these were only around 3 weeks old). 

    The farm has become quite a mini oasis since they stopped working it. We discussed sightings (with a Hobby and a harrier over us), including last year's visit from Hoopoes.

    If you interested in the Swiss--Iraeli project concerning owls:

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  • We have a couple of what "proper" farmers think of as scruffy smallholdings they are a real oasis in the middle of factory farming on the lower ground near us. Both smallholdings are neighbouring and stand up to pressure from the large farms and will not tolerate shoots or hunts on their land. A couple of great spots to visit where the teapot is never empty and home made cakes are large !! Thanks for the link I'm always in anything to do with Owls and Raptors no matter where they are


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can