House Martins - Hand Reared (Please put my mind at rest!)

So this evening we let two fledglings go, after looking after them for ten days. We found them last Tuesday on the ground, a nest had been destroyed and they didn’t look good at all. We brought them in and under instructions from my mother in law (who has a wildlife sanctuary) we nursed them back to health. They’ve recently been eating live mealworms mainly, and all I can think about tonight is will they be feeding okay up there?  
I’m also hoping they found each other, because one flew off a good few minutes before the other one did.

I appreciate I’m probably being a bit soppy and silly, but I’ve grown quite attached to the little ones!  Just hope they’ll be okay out there. 

  • Well done and hopefully they will survive.I am no expert
    Did you see any adults,in the immediate aftermath?

    Wonder if you could still put out food and water, ( see link for info.i,e sunflower hearts ,suetballs)


  • Sara I can't offer much in the way of advice but well done for the work you have put in,it's not soppy I can understand your feelings we almost adopt these things so natural to feel protective.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • House martins are meant to be a challenge to hand rear, so well done for that. Ideally, there are other nests nearby that are fledging at a similar time. In which case, I'm sure they'll be as safe as nest reared ones who've recently fledged. I wonder if a great spotted woodpecker had broken into the nest. It'd probably either be that or a nest collapse. Can often tell by what is left up against the house. The youngsters here readily join other martins so as long as you have other nests in the area, they'll meet up somehow.

  • I add my "well done Saraaah".

    For next time (because there's now going to be a next time...), check with your mother-in-law about varying the diet with dried crickets. There's, I think, some risk involved in a pure mealworm diet for martins.

    As Robbo mentions, martins are pretty sociable birds (I've taken care of quite a few while volunteering in a rehab unit); your two will find some buddies, I'm sure.

    All the best Saraaah -