Mallard Mama acting strange

Mum and 12 ducklings were removed from my dry garden this afternoon

Two hours later, mum was back with one chick


Did she abandon the 22 in the water and take one back to the brooding nest she had made in my garden

  • More info required. What do you mean re mum and ducklings being removed from your garden? Where to? Why?
  • Enclosed garden on 4 sides, 1/4 mile from river
    Woke up this week with a duck and 12 ducklings in the back garden, in which she had nested and brooded her young
    My landlord has properties on the river, and is used to helping swans and ducks, so yesterday all of them were taken and released on the river.
    Why did she return with just one, to a place with insufficient food and habitat
    And now the magpies are lurking
  • Ok thanks. Doesn't make sense TBH, as if the garden is enclosed on all sides, how did a duckling end up back there? I suppose she could have come back for one that was missed?
    However, re what happened to the siblings, depends on river. Noted your comments re landlord knowing about swans and ducks, so I am assuming landlord isn't all talk and does know about which river locations are suitable for newly hatched ducklings and which aren't. If they therefore weren't swept away by currents, or picked off as the location is in full view as many river locations would be, there is a pretty good chance they were predated anyway. As above, the adult may (outside possibility) have left the others briefly to try and collect the missing duckling.

    Mallards are suited to ponds, lakes, marshland etc. Not a river duck really, and certainly not as ducklings.