Duck nest on narrow boat roof

Hi all,

My partner lives on a narrow boat and returned home a few days ago to find some freshly laid eggs inside the pot of potatoes he’s growing  The mother is still returning to the nest and has since covered the eggs with plants and grass.

We obviously have no intention to move or disrupt the nest, but I was wondering if there was anything we could do to ensure the safety of the ducklings once hatched? 
Many thanks! x

  • From what I have seen of Mallards in the past they seem to lead their young to the nearest water which in this case would not be far. The parent will probably persuade the young to jump down to the water which they should do quite safely. I have seen them lead youngsters across busy roads in fact my wife and myself managed to stop traffic on a busy road while that happened. Got on local radio for that and some choice words from a couple of drivers Unfortunately Mallards, which I think these are, are not the best parents once they leave the nest so they may lose some. You could have some interesting days to come, good luck.


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