Tagged baby starling Medway

We have just moved from a rural area to more urban. We used to have hundreds of birds visiting us but the last six months have been a desert. The bird food was rotting on the feeder all through winter. Not even squirrels would eat it. But, starlings nested in our gutter, and their friends nested in a nearby tree. We now have two families that we can feed and it's a joy to watch. Yesterday we noticed that some of the starlings have leg rings. This morning I noticed that one of the babies (that only emerged from their nest three days ago) is also tagged. The babies from our best aren't tagged. How can I contact someone to tag them, or will they be caught elsewhere? I'm in Medway. I need some more birds in my garden.... :(

  • Hopefully, the leg ringed birds were tagged by an expert who's had training. There isn't an option to tag your birds. To ring birds that are roaming wild, either adults, or fledged young, it requires them to be trapped. That can't just be done on personal requests. For more info on ringing, try BTO site here. There are details about permits for trained people to apply for on another page linked off of there.

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