Birds nest underneath my bathroom loo!

Hi All

Due to the sudden increase in noise levels, it has become obvious a bird has nested and hatched her young under my loo! Its all built in but we have identified large holes in the outside wall around the waste pipe and a LOT of nesting material inside the unit and tiny little sounds coming from under the loo itself while we were looking around. 

I won't be disturbing it obviously, but once its clear I would like to block up the holes and provide a nesting box on the outside wall instead. 

Is there a reliable way to know when this would be safe as I need a plumber and a builder at the same time! I haven't seen the birds so don't know what type they are, intend to try and spot them this week but not sure I will!

Many thanks

  • My guess is it's a house sparrow nest. I see it has found some Royal Mail elastic bands. Sparrows will nest til about July. They are a species that will keep going, so once youngsters leave, it won't be the end of it. Nest boxes for sparrows need to have holes of 32mm. The more readily available blue tit boxes won't be of any use to them. They'd also take to swift boxes, so if you get them in the area, no harm trying to attract either!
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    Thank you - am I safe to remove the debris and block-up the hole once the young are gone? I don't mind what sort of box I need to buy as long as I get a suitable one.
    Many thanks.
  • Sparrows will keep going so July is about as early as it can be. They're often finishing off a final brood then, so may even end up as late as Aug.
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    That's fine! We have been hearing them for a while but didn't realise they were actually inside!
  • Morning. Well it’s starlings! I recorded them on my bird identification app then saw them. So it’s better news in that they’ll be gone quite soon! I do get a lot of starlings and one keep hopping along my bedroom windowsill as if to come in, which could make sense?
  • I admit I ruled starlings out, as you only noticed the noise recently. You certainly did well to tune them out all this time!
  • My son heard them as did I but I had no idea they were inside. I don’t spend much time upstairs and leave early for the gym most days! Ah well at least now I know and can plan!