Lonely Starling

On the 15th of April I started to pay attention to some Starlings in my roof, they were bringing worms and I heard the chicks.
A week a go, I saw more starlings in my roof but not chicks, they looked more like adults, maybe a colony. 
Now there’s no chick sound anymore (Maybe they learn how to fly) and I do see more starlings around the roof but I’m concern about one. He/she is being alone and singing for the past 3, or 4 days. I feed it everyday but somehow it looks sad, idk, i just feel terrible for it, does anyone knows what’s happening to it? 

  • A male. Possibly hoping to use the nest site. The timing, from when you heard young, to now, suggests the youngsters could have fledged. They obviously could also have not, but no way of knowing unless you saw them (which your wording suggests you didn't). Starlings will join up when they're ready, so a lone bird won't be for long. He might have to give up on breeding there though.
  • I'm not an expert, but that looks like one of the chicks that our starlings produced. They would stand near the nest calling out to its parents. The parents would come.back and feed them. Yesterday afternoon the chicks started flying by themselves and now feed together (parents still putting food in chicks beaks, but the chicks are now standing next to parents on the feeder itself). Hopefully yours will soon find its legs too.
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    No, as I said on 11th May, it's an adult male. Youngsters are a grey/brown type colour.
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    Robbo, when I replied your response was not showing. There were no replies. And I started my statement saying I'm no expert. Why the aggression?

    If you're such an expert why haven't you answered the question I posed?  After that, I will leave the forum, clearly only experts are allowed.

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    What aggression?

    Also, without any aggression, not sure why my post from two days ago wasn't visible to you until now as it has been on all three devices here. I know because I was online yesterday afternoon, and went through posts I'd replied to, to see what responses, if any there were. This thread also showed I'd been the last to update it, so it was there.

    I simply corrected the I.D. Leaving it as 'juvenile' would have meant my initial response made no sense.