Advice on what seems like a Fledgling.

I stopped a magpie attack on a small bird possibly a fledgling and placed somewhere dark and cool to recover from shock where the parents can find them. The next day they keep getting stuck on their back for 5-10mins is this normal? Or can I help at all? 

  • As hard as it is, unless a cat or hman are threatening a young bird, it is best to let nature take its course. Almost invariably, any other intervention means a predator goes without food, and prey is either dead or mangled beyond help and in effect is a waste of a life. That sounds the case here. Might be best if the magpie finds it again today. Denying it food yesterday may have meant it killng another young bird somewhere else.

  • I must admit not the kind of news I like to hear due to hate seeing anything suffer but appreciate the reply. It just seemed odd ad the bird seems uninjured just gets stuck on its back.
  • There is a chance, possibly a small one, that the fledgling had an issue before the magpie found it yesterday.