Starling Nesting Behaviour?

Hello, in my roof, there are nesting starlings which are displaying some confusing behaviour. I have watched these starlings for the past three or so weeks tend to their young (which are very audible in the morning). Recently, they are in their most active phase, with the fledglings popping out occasionally to have a scan of the area. However, other starlings (which are nesting nearby) seem to keep flying around my roof and provoking the nest, causing a commotion of screeching. I can’t seem to figure out what these other starlings are doing? Surely, the starlings wouldn’t be attacking the nest? 
Thanks, Ellis 

  • I haven't seen this before, but not had that many startling nests over the years. I wonder if it is former parents who have lost their nests. Or, maybe it is at the stage where parents are trying to coax out the youngsters.

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    I was wondering something like that too but there’s probably about 8 starlings that do this daily, it seems very strange. Could it be some kind of territorial behaviour? Thanks, Ellis
  • Like Robbo suggests I wonder if the parents are trying to encourage the youngsters to fledge so they can get on with their second brood. Another suggestion is that some species last years non breeders help feed this years young, not sure if this applies to Starlings but nothing would surprise me with this crafty species.


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    Crafty indeed! Either make sense really, possibly they’re doing a bit of both. Maybe the starlings study us from their nests, wondering about our behaviour :) . Thanks, Ellis