Swift advice for our swifts please?!

Last year we had a lovely family of swifts nesting in our roof. They are very welcome to return and I have read that they very well may do so this year. However, daddy swift has slight navigational issues and three times last year ended up missing the entrance to his nest and plopping down the wall into the space behind our bath panel- my partner opened it up and left the windows open each time and he seemed to have worked it out. BUT we have had some work done and now the drop from roof to bath has become blocked. I’m worried that daddy swift will plop down there again and get stuck and die as we can’t rescue him now :-(

Should I put a ladder up and block the old nest off and put a swift box up there for them? Or is it too late and I would do more damage than good? What’s the best thing to do as I know they might arrive very soon!!! Thank you in advance!

  • we lost 'our swifts' to house sparrow nest stealing. That was a nest box. If you put up a swift box, and have house sparrows locally, that is a risk. Having said that, if it was me, I would quickly block current access and get a box up in exactly the same place. Might be poss to block access using the nestbox? You have a small window as they will be back soon to check their nest sites. If you can do it all this weekend, that is what I would do.
  • If they have not arrived back yet I think Robbo has the best idea, act quickly though.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Thank you very much we are hoping to do this in the morning :-) It was such a joy having them last year so I really hope they want to return. Thanks for helping!
  • Hopefully all sorted?