Will starlings damage our house?

We've got starlings nesting in the wall of our house - we moved our cooker hood about 6 years ago and never bothered to block up the old hole. We're more than happy to leave them there, however there is a significant amount of wall insulation appearing on our drive and we're concerned they might be causing damage. Obviously we can't do anything at the moment but I was wondering if anyone can advise if starlings are likely to cause any damage to the walls/cavity?

  • Hi Helen, the starlings have found a nice new place to nest! I presume the wall insulation is the wool/fibre type and not the plastic foam, they will be using this in their nest, they would not damage the walls, it's the insulation they are after. Once the season is finished you can then remove the nest and block up the hole, or if you like them there, leave as it is and they may well nest another year.

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