Injured baby blackbird

Hi all,

we recently had a blackbird nest in our Ivy, the babies fledged on Saturday morning. Last night a cat caught one of the babies and appears to have broke or damaged it’s leg quite high up near the hip.

I caught it and put it in a cat box in the shed overnight, this morning the parents came back so we let it out of the box, it can’t fly well but the parents are feeding it however it seems to be struggling a lot with it’s leg,

Will this heal? I’m worried about taking it to a rescue as they may just euthanise it

We have a fenced in back garden so it’s quite safe however the parents look like they want it to move


  • Hi,

    The not being able to fly well is usual for newly fledged blackbirds. The not being able to stand is unfortunately not going to be resolvable. Rescue centres, (as opposed to vets), would try and nurse an injured bird back to health. Not if it was clearly suffering or had no chance of recovery though. If it's the latter, no need to worry about euthanasia. They would be better judges of that than me though.
  • Hi Robbo

    I will message a local rescue and see what they say

    It can stand and sit however it seems to drag the leg behind sometimes when moving around the garden

    Other than that it seems perfectly fine, the parents are feeding it well and it is moving around and alert

    I’m also worried about distressing the parents by taking it away

  • There's a fair chance they'll say to leave alone as it's being fed. As you say, it'd be stressful for the birds affected. With all other predator attacks, it's best to let nature take its course. Obviously, cats are pets so nothing to do with nature in UK. So, bit of a grey area as to what to do. The victims tend to never recover.