Sick or injured bird?

Dear rspb members and everyone,

I am writing this post to verify a suspected sick or injured bird in my garden.

Just recently started feeding birds around the garden from about December last year.

A few days ago I managed to buy a camera and yesterday wanted to take few images of my little neighbours.

As I reviewed the very first of my images noticed that one of the blue tits seems scruffy on one side of its face.


This bird not seem to be able to open its eyelids fully and the feather on its face looks slightly different than the other similar birds(tits).

Based on my google research this could be sign of a potential disease or got injured earlier or even missing an eye. Poor little thing:(

 Just the left side of the face seem affected.

The bird seem to fly and play just like any others.

What are your thoughts?


For now I have removed the feeder from the garden, but in the neighbourhood there are several others feeding the same birds.


Thank you and Kind regards



  • Hi Krisztian,

    It looks more like a possible injury but it could be the start of Avian pox rather than Trichomonas. The only way to tell would be to watch how it develops. With Trichomonas puffiness is symmetrical, birds are lethargic and puffed up, there will also be crusty matter around the bill. If you get an outbreak it would be advisable for all of you to stop feeding the birds as horrible as that sounds. If you have a 'local' Facebook group it is a good way of sharing the information about it and using photos to educate people.

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    Thank you for your reply Cin J.

    I will be monitoring the condition of the little neighbours.

    Thanks a bunch!