Blackbird nest

Was cutting back an out of control bamboo bush and have accidentally exposed a nest with chicks in it.  I’m pretty sure it is a blackbird nest as I can see one hanging around nearby.  I feel awful for exposing the nest and I’m worried now the parent birds won’t go back to it.  The nest is still covered at the back, sides and at the top but it now exposed at the front. Should I try and put some branches back or am I best to just leave it now? Are the parent birds likely to abandon it now? I know it was stupid to cut the bush back without thoroughly checking first but the nest was deep in the bush.

  • This isn't a dig. Mistakes happen. I want to write this though, so anyone can read it in future if they open this thread. Blackbird nest disturbance has already been mentioned in the forum in the latest breeding season. Like I say, it isn't a dig at you. Just for other members of the public to read and maybe hopefully reduce nest disturbance by at least one over the years to come....

    The most annoying noise any bird on the planet makes, IMO, is the blackbird alarm call. It is loud, annoying, distracting etc for a reason. If a blackbird is driving you nuts while you're outside gardening, ask yourself the question......why is it making that racket?

    Re this latest example, the only help I can offer is many blackbird nests are lost to predation, either of the adult or of the nest contents. In prolonged dry weather, many nests also fail due to lack of food. There is a fair chance this nest will have failed to fledge anything anyway, and the adults if they don't get predated, will have several goes. It only needs one or maybe two youngsters to reach maturity and breed to maintain a population. That's two youngsters from a possible 20ish.

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    It’s okay, definitely a lesson learned. We have obviously stopped cutting it now and can still see the parent birds close by, so hopefully I see them going back to the nest today. I can try and re place some branches to cover it but don’t want to do too much and scare them off.