What bird makes this sound?

3 clicks in a row. Video above!

This sound is givin me a headache. Can’t find anything even close what this bird sounds. If it is even a bird.

  • Are you in the UK and if so whereabouts?

    PS I think I know what it sounds like but it's way to early to hear one in the UK



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    I’m not sure where this video is recorded. I saw it on instragram and I was really curious about this bird song. My old friend had this bird song as his ringtone and I can’t ask him anymore.. thats why I really want to know what bird it is. I have googled this two days now and found nothing.

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    Ah, I see. Well to me it sounds like a Common Quail which is a small partridge like bird. It's a fairly scarce summer visitor to the UK which is why I was hesitant to say what I thought it was. They wouldn't normally arrive in the UK  before April and are more often heard than seen.

    Here's a recording of one so that you can compare 

    Patrik Åberg, XC27535. Accessible at www.xeno-canto.org/27535



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  • Like TJ says it sounds like a Common Quail the call is often described as "wet my lips" I've only heard a few in our area in recent years


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