Nipped off conifer shoots

I wonder if anyone can help identify which creature is responsible for nipping off 2-3 inch lengths of Spruce tips in our local wood. Around some trees you can find several hundred small tips carpeting the ground that have clearly been nipped off from high up in the canopy. Is this the feeding behaviour of a squirrel or bird and if so which one, and what part of the conifer are they eating. We live in Dorset

  • Hi Dawn, Only a guess but I would say a likely candidate would be a grey squirrel as they will eat the conifer seeds, Many birds like tits, woodpecker, crossbills, siskins, etc, and animals like pine marten will also eat the seeds. Squirrel (unless you get Pine Marten ! ) would probably nip a length off whilst it forages in the cone for seeds.


    Regards, Hazel 

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