Very few birds on feeders

We have several bird feeders in our garden with a variety of different seeds. In the spring, summer and autumn they are in constant use by goldfinches, various tits, house sparrows .............. et al and they consume a lot of seed. In the winter however, there are very few to virtually no birds around and the seeds start to rot and go black. Where have all the birds gone? Surely they don't all migrate, where are the Robins? Anybody else have the same? Thanks.

  • Here (in Switzerland) our feeders get a lot of use starting as soon as early nesters get going.

    A lot less in winter, although they are busy on sunny days.

    Do you put clean water out in all seasons Steve? I sometimes think that a good, fresh (and birds know the difference) water supply brings birds to the garden as much does a food supply. But that may be because of the low temperatures here.
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    Yes, plenty of clean water and regularly changed.
  • Is it only seed you feed in winter? In my garden the only seeds in winter that get eaten is sunflower and niger other than that the birds are looking for high energy foods such as suet, fat balls, raw pastry and nuts. Could be an idea to try them if you havent already.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • At the moment it's just seeds but in previous years I've put fatballs out and they just went uneaten and mouldy. I will give fatballs another try and see if they take to them. Thanks Linda.
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    I do have nuts out but it's only a grey squirrel that eats them. He knows how to unhook a feeder and empty contents over the path below

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    Not a problem. You can get suet pieces which easily go in the nut feeders ..My squirrels are banned from the feeders as they wrecked them all so they can only get scraps that fall on the ground...good luck Steve. Hope the birdies flutter back soon

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Fatballs ordered, will see how they like them.
  • Hello Steve welcome form up at the vey top of Scotland, in Catihenss. I can't say I have the same problem, as I write I have Siskin, starling, Robin, blackbird, blue tit, coal tit, goldfinch and a flock of chaffinch (20-30) feeding. I feed peanuts, premium seed, sunflower hearts, Niger seed, fat balls and cake. No squirrels here so have no problems with them emptying the nuts! Sunflower hearts and suet pieces are always a favourite, maybe try a small amount to see if they get eaten.

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  • Wow, that's quite a variety Catlady.