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    I'm afraid I don't trust ( pun intended) Trust websites either; I was recently sent a link to a site which showed
    that a certain reserve had according to the photos - Clarks Grebe :)
    A site in Norfolk also has Crested Lark on the same criterion :)

    My all time fave was a photo labelled Long Eared Owl in a well known magazine that was an obvious male Kestrel-
    and they argued that 'that's what the photographer says it is' :


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    seymouraves said:
    My all time fave

    Wasn't there also a notable (shhh!) RSPB gaff a few years back; perhaps in the context of Spring Watch?

    I don't remember well, but was there a Golden Eagle photo labelled as a Common Buzzard, or vice versa?

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    Dave - CH said:
    a notable (shhh!) RSPB gaff

    Oops. I suppose that would have been the BBC...