Where are the blackbirds?

For some time I have not seen any blackbirds. We are in November and ussually at this time there are many blackbirds about. But not this year. I know they ussually disappear from the garden for sometime around August. Any ideas? What is your experience this year? I live in Mid Suffolk near Ipswich.

  • Hi Marjo
    At this time of the year a lot of the birds including Blackbirds are on the move, they tend to move south whether it is in just this country or go over the channel to Europe.
    You may eventually see Blackbirds in your garden that have come down from Scotland and even from Scandinavia.
    A lot of people think they are seeing the same birds in their gardens all year round when they are not.

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  • Hi Marjo, I live not too far away from you just south of Bury St Edmunds and have not seen any blackies about the garden for some weeks. This week we are now starting to see a few about in the mornings and once I start putting ground food out I guess we might see more, but as Alan has said there are many birds on the move at the moment and possibly have not made decisions yet on where to spend the winter. We have also not seen finches on our feeders for some time but again this week they are beginning to appear. If you have food out they will appear.



  • There is a plentiful food supply around for blackbirds at present. A lot of them around here. The area has a lot of berries, incl pyracantha and cotoneaster. There are also quite a few apples still about on the trees and ground. Thr ground has also been very wet so they have been finding it easy, foraging in waterlogged fields.

    If you used to have blackbirds but don't this Autumn, have you lost apples trees or berries compared to previous years?
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    No I have lots of apples from my 2 apple trees and berries from various shrubs.
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    If the food opportunities and shelter/cover are the same as previous Autumns, I can't explain why you don't have blackbirds now. Certainly no shortage of them here. Obviously, in some parts of the country, many bird species are declining. Maybe that's the case there.
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    I am glad that there is no shortage of blackbirds where you are. Where ever that is.