Collared dove lost its mate

Could somebody please help me, we have had collared doves in our garden for years,  last week i noticed a small pair of collared doves pecking and playing with each other all around the garden and drive ect.. yesterday i came home to find 1 dove dead on the shed roof, i then seen the other collared dove in the tree on the branch calling for it. the collared dove has not moved from the branch it has been there for over 24 hours just above where the mate has died, its cold and raining and the collared dove wont leave the branch i am concerned for it it has not moved since 2pm yesterday, will it leave? Will it find a new mate? I am heartbroken. 


  • Hello Kirsty, sorry to read about the collard dove. So sad that the dove is still looking for its mate. I have no answer I am afraid regarding what it will do, presumably it eventually will acknowledge that the mate is not coming back and maybe then next year will pair up with another, I don't know, hopefully someone else will be able to help.

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