Nurturing nature without offending anyone

Hi there,

I am a nurturing nature loving person who has no family whatsoever and no friends - have built a beautiful strong rapport with some local village birds, esp pigeons and Covids.  However, it is upsetting a tenant above me who regularly engages in extreme antisocial behaviours and even unable to live in my own flat as a direct result of this.  He has been arrested several rimes for his behaviours that are typically drug-related.  This same tenant recently complained about neighbours parrots (different building from ours) as they are very vocal and there are four of them.  I love the sound of all nature and have no issues at all with the parrotts.

Complaint against me

The building I live in is a supported housing block and each of us have our own flats and a key worker we see once a week.  I have lived in the building for approx 13-years and only started feeding the birds during COVID-lockdown as I cannot work due to individual mental-health issues.  My support worker recently said that a tenant has made a complaint about me feeding the birds and haven't banned me yet will be buying some garden feeders ect.  I know who made the complaint yet I definitely know who it is I have offended, yet compared to his behaviours, I am amazed at a complaint being made in first instance.

Now have halted feeding them them adequately - they are typically juevenile birds and the mother is feeding them the boiled eggs I have put out in a bowl.

I am now very worried that the tenant above me will possibly report me to some higher authority simply because I nuture nature and without intending to offend anyone.  My support worker is wonderful about it and wanting to reach a compromise with the tenant yet simply feel that his 'human rights' appear to lack any consideration for all of the antisocial behaviours I have to live with from him for 6 years and nothing gets done about it.

Any supportive advice will be most appreciated.

  • Hi,
    My mum and I both live in council accommodation and enjoy feeding the birds and watching wildlife in our garden. We were sent (as were all council residents) a letter about feeding birds/wildlife that visit gardens. The advice was that feeding birds was ok as long as it didn't attract rats, the area was kept clean and we didn't encourage pigeons. Have you received a letter from your housing manager/council saying not to feed birds? It might be worth you (or your keyworker) contacting the people responsible for your home and asking if there are any specific rules about this that would affect you.

    I hope this helps.

    Best of luck!