Sparrow with beak stuck open

  Hello RSPB community. Today this sparrow appeared on my balcony - he has his beak wide open and is trying to feed but can’t, he just wiggles his tongue around. He’s been drinking, and can fly. Is there anything I can do for him? I crushed up some nuts and seeds in a blender in the hope he could scoop them up somehow. It’s so distressing to see him trying to eat :-( I can’t tell if it’s an injury or a disease of some kind. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you! 

  • Very unfortunate injury which could have been caused by collision with a window & so distressing as nothing can be done, he can fly so would evade any attempts at capture!


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  • Morning Cc, as Wendy says, perhaps a collision which has caused this injury to the mandibles and sadly not much you can do unless it begins to weaken and you can catch it to get it to a local wildlife centre or vet who would be able to put it out of its suffering. Always terribly upsetting to witness birds struggling to eat with injury or sickness but thanks for checking in on the forum to try get help, wish we had a better answer,


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    Thank you very much for your reply - I feared as much.
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    Hi Hazel, thank you for your kind reply. Poor little bird. I will keep an eye on him as he’s back again today; in case he does begin to weaken. Thank you again - it is so reassuring to have a community to turn to in such cases.