Hi, I have crows nesting in my eaves in the spring and they are very noisy and jump about on mine and my neighbours dorma waking everyone up. I am having some work done and they are going to block up where they are getting in, I have noticed the crows coming and going again and feel a bit mean doing this. Will they have always been there all year around and just noisy in the breeding season. I live next to a wood, so they won’t have to go far to find a new home. Thanks in anticipation for your kind answers.

  • I suspect they are Jackdaws, Dacky. I've not heard of Crows nesting in the eaves of houses but Jackdaws most certainly do. Crows build nests of twigs and small branches in trees.
    I think as long as you are not blocking an active nest (which is illegal) I'm sure they will find somewhere else to nest especially as there's a nearby wood. They've probably been continuing to enter the eaves to roost overnight.



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    Thank you, I won’t feel as mean now!