Cat scarer

Hi i am not sure if this is the right column to ask but has anyone ever been successful using one of those hose pipe water cat scarer’s that pick up movements of e.g a cat and spit water in a  motion to scare them away? Reason i ask is because today i was sat in my front room but heard a magpie with the machine gun sounding noise that they do, as i turned to the garden i noticed my neighbours nuisance black cat which i am having trouble with at the bottom of my garden on top of a brown bird, luckily if it wasnt for the noisy magpie the brown bird may not have lived as i threw numerous items at the cat to scare it off, the brown bird was laid head first down, tail stuck up which i thought was dead but it was in shock, i stroked her softly she was literally looking at me but when i attempted to grab her to put her in a box to help her she scattered then flew off, which i have relief about as i love black/brown birds. 

if anyone could let me know how effective the cat scarers are? Also from what i have been told off someone is the birds are scared of it at first but get used to it.