Help to identify what is making this noise?

so I was at loch earn last night heard this is the distance so I decided I would Investigate walked towards it for around 10 mins I eventually got to what appeared within 10 feet of the noise but could not see anything I then made my way back to my tent at which point the noise started following me I got back in the tent and this was where I recorded the sound whatever was making it there seemed to be 2 of them and they were standing I’d say 5 feet from the tent at this point they must have followed me around 200 feet which made me think it was something that could fly due to the way it kept up with me going back to the tent. This was 2 in the morning it had been going on for around 3 hours at this point and then all of a sudden it went quiet and never heard it again I originally thought perhaps It was baby ducks but when i got close it sounded to be in the tree or potentially up in the grass on the embankment I also thought perhaps some baby owls but I’m not sure any suggestions ?