Loss of tail feathers

Hey all!

So I found an injured sparrow that lost some of her tail feathers after a cat attack. I've put her in a box filled with newspaper and poked holes in it for air and made it dark, the usual. I'm planning on keeping her over night to see how she gets on but her balance is terrible, will she be able to recover from this?

Thank you!

  • Hello Leila, how is the bird this morning? Is she eating and drinking? Tail feathers in birds will grow back, it will depend on how they have been lost as to how long this will take. If they have been pulled out, quite quickly but if that have been broken or ripped then longer, when they next moult. Hopefully the sparrow will be okay, let us know.

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  • Hello!
    The bird is a lot less lively than she was yesterday, I either think shes resting or just giving up trying to balance meaning she cant move herself to drink or eat. Upon further inspection I realised her leg is in an awkward position and whenever she moves it its up to her head. Im not sure if its just misplaced or broken but I dont know what to do either way. Thank you i will keep everyone updated.

    - L