Red Kite Identification Help

Hi there. I know there are thread similar to this, but I couldn't work out how to add a photo as a reply, so here goes:

Seen in North Dorset earlier on today, is this a Red Kite does anyone reckon? Appeared to me very graceful, larger than a buzzard but not hugely common in Dorset I don't think. Couldn't quite determine the "kite mark" because of the angle of the photo.

Photos are cropped to try and make identification easier, sorry for poor quality. Any help would be great, thanks all in advance 


  • (Sorry first picture had to be converted to a link - wasn't working well as an embedded one!)
  • The bold white patch under the wing certainly makes it appear to be a red kite but hopefully others will be able to say for certain

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Hi Tom, (from here in north dorset!) the forking of the tail also indicates red kite. There's been one about last couple of weeks over Fiddleford, and I saw one probably 3 weeks ago (possibly the same one, but not sure) sort over Olives et Al area at Stur Newton
  • Hi all! Thanks so much for the replies

    I will stick with telling people I did see a red kite!! that’s super interesting, this one was flying over Balfour’s Wood (nr Ashurst) - brilliant sight to see
  • Yes it is a red kite. The markings are correct and the tail, though not properly forked at that position, clearly has a concave end.

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