Baby pidgin

Hi guys, me an my other half saved a baby bird and was looking after him/her for just over a week and we thought it was best for him to go to be taken to a wildlife shelter to be looked after with the proper care and be put back into his natural habitat, he’s been such a amazing little guy and helped us both over the COVID-19 lockdown, he had such an amazing personality and he was a big eater couldn’t get enough, we was heartbroken to think we’d never see him again and we was wondering if anyone knew if he’s end up coming back to us when he back out or would that be the end and we’d never see him again 

  • Hello Aaron, well done on looking after the young Pigeon and it is nice to hear that it gave you both something to do and look forward to during this terrible times that we are alll going through. It really depends where the rescue centre was, and where the bird would be released. Normally when birds are released it is near to where they were found, but these centres can be many miles away and I do not know if they do that. Birds that are reared in or near to your garden and who come back and forth to be fed, will probably stay about and in turn maybe rear their own young at some point. So if it is released near your own home, you never know. Hopefully someone else will answer you and correct me if I am wrong.

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  • Thankyou and the center isn’t that far away only a 20 minute or so drive away