Nest box suddenly no activity

I have had little blue tits (?) nesting in my bird box again this year. Its been wonderful watching mum and dad flying back every few moments with green bugs for their chicks in their beak. I put mirrored film on my kitchen window, so gave been able to watch really close without disturbing them. But, yesterday suddenly there has been no action at all. I am so worried I have done wrong by putting a new large bird bath in the garden and a feeder with mealworms, as this has attracted bigger birds into the garden...ring neck dove (?) and blackbirds. I did see a chick at the hole and it still looked bald, so don't think it would have been able to fly yet. There doesn't appear to be any sign of attack. What might have happened? I cannot hear the chicks inside the box either. Thank you

  • Sounds like they could have fledged. Youngsters don't get up to the nest entrance until they're fairly well developed.

    I'm not a fan of mirrored anything in gardens. Birds fly into mirrors, and see their reflections and think there's a rival to attack.

    Ring necked dove is called collared dove in UK.
  • Hi Robbo,thanks for your helpful reply.
    I've only just started getting interested in garden wildlife.
    The mirror film was placed up for my security several years ago, not to view the birds. I haven't experienced a problem with it so far, but will keep in mind your comments.
    I do hope they have fledged and are safe..
    Kind regards