mallard ducks

Hi all, there are two mallard ducks appearing at the cricket ground I maintain. No water sources around unless someone has a pond in their garden. The female is seen in the long grass near the nets. Would she nest here? The male is also with her. Thanks all.

  • Hi ! I had a similar experience this time last year. Our lawn is mainly short grass, and we also had a visiting pair of Mallards. We don't have a water source (our neighbours do), but we put out a shallow tray of water for them.

    We noticed them going into the long grass (like you've described). We suspected that they were trying to nest, but there was no evidence of eggs or ducklings after them being there for a couple of weeks.

    We made them feel at home and let them be, but they eventually went on their way without a trace. We never worked out the reason, either, but suspect they were trying to find a suitable nesting spot.

    I imagine it's not convenient placement for you as the nets will probably be getting some use for batting practice? Hopefully that doesn't disturb the ducks too much, nor impede the cricketer's ability to practice without fear of disturbing wildlife.

    Good luck
  • Hi, she appeared today on the outfield with 6 ducklings! 2 crows trying to get them. She ran off into vegetation with them.

    Thing is there is no water there and the pond is quite a distance and she would need to get them through a few fences!

    Will she sit with them overnight or try and get water?

    Also how long until the ducklings can fly?

    Thanks all.